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Spruce Up Your Space

One of the most attractive places for a pest is that which is filled with food. Ants love anything sweet, including sugar, so make sure that any spills are cleaned up completely. It's equally important to keep your food containers and bags sealed properly to avoid a problem.

Landscape Designs That Pests Hate

If you have weeds in your lawn, remove them to avoid attracting pests. Additionally, pay close attention to the plants and/or flowers that you use in your landscaping as certain types tend to attract pests, while others repel them. For specifics, ask a local gardening professional or a representative from your local home improvement gardening center.

The Buzz On Mosquito Control

Nobody likes mosquitoes, but they are still a part of life and it's important to deal with them. You may not be able to rid your entire yard of these nuisances, but you can make it a place where they are not welcome. One way of doing this is to remove anything that could result in standing water, which attracts mosquitoes. Remove old flower pots, tyres or anything else that could be a place for water to gather. Not only is this a health concern as mosquitoes often carry diseases, but it's also a good way to clean up the yard.

Home Repair

If you know that pests are getting into your home, the next logical step is to find out how. Once you locate the entry point, repair the area so that it no longer allows for outside intruders to enter your home. If you notice cracks, holes or other needed repairs, make sure that they are corrected to prevent future pests from setting up shop in your space.

Pest Control Products

In some cases, homeowners are forced to deal with pests by using products designed specifically for the purpose of pest control. These products, which are commonly available at any retail and/or home improvement store, should be used as directed in order to prevent harm to yourself, your family and your pets. It's important to keep all pest control products locked in a cabinet and out of reach of children.

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