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Fix anything broken

Inspect your property from the smallest detail up to the major issues needing maintenance or repair. For example, make sure there are no leaking taps in the house. Ensure all appliances are working and in good condition, also check all light fittings to make sure they are clean and secure with all globes working. Fix anything broken to avoid major breakdown or replacement costs in the future.

Let the tenants use your existing furniture and equipment

If you don't have any plans of bringing along your current furniture and equipment, why not let your prospective tenants use them, but make sure they are still in excellent condition. For example, if you have a dishwasher installed in the kitchen, include this as one of the best add-on features of your property for rent.

Do a spring clean

Before you allow any house visit from your future tenants, make sure you do an extensive spring clean. When we speak about spring clean, these are the areas you need to check and make sure they are spotlessly clean:
- Carpets should be properly vacuumed and steam cleaned and floors cleaned.
- All curtains must be washed and if you have blinds installed, see to it they are free from dust.
- Garbage bins should be clean and empty.
- Windows and tracks should be clean.
- Garage area must be free from clutter and be sure you leave enough space for parking.

Presentation matters most

Think of your future tenants as prospective buyers in the future in case you decide to sell your property. Give your potential tenants a nice presentation when they inspect the property by hiring a property stylist or interior designer, so that you can get professional advice on how to make it more appealing to viewers.

Do some outside maintenance

Many of us think it's all about the inside features of the home that needs tender loving care, but you are absolutely wrong. You also need to maintain the lawn and gardens, clean the gutters for any fallen leaves, paint the fence or calling the pest control provider in your area to check if there are any pest or insects thriving in your place that will pose threat to your property's condition.

Inform your insurance company

Call your insurance company and inform them that you are no longer living there and get a landlord insurance coverage plan. Know their policies regarding renting properties and comply with them to ensure the safety of your tenants like installing top performing door and window locks.

Additional tips when renting your property:

Find out the current rules that may apply in your area regarding renting your property and your rights as a landlord. Perform a careful assessment of your property to make sure it meets all the safety requirements set by the local Residential Tenancies Act. If you aren't aware of these laws, consult a property manager or visit a real estate agency to get relevant information on the whole rental property process and act accordingly.

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