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The potential builder must hold a license

This is very crucial when scouting for a professional builder in your area you need to confirm if he holds a builder's license in the state where your property is located. Why? Aside from ensuring you don't fall with the wrong guys or putting your money in the drain if you hired somebody whose qualifications are far below the building standards. Check the license of your prospective building provider by doing a builders license check and if he meets this initial selection requirement, then, you can be assured you are on the right track of dealing with qualified and skillful builder.

Your potential builder must provide a Certificate of Currency for Home Indemnity Insurance

This next concern must be provided by your licensed builder, the Certificate of Currency for Home Indemnity Insurance to safeguard your money. Be sure you have this proof before you make any payments, so that you don't have to worry of encountering massive loss in the event of unavoidable events happening to your building company like becoming insolvent, decides to do a runner or worst, died during the building phase of your home.

Find out if there are existing or previous building disputes

This is another way to investigate whether you potential builder is a reliable provider or not by doing your own research on the builder's track record like if there are any building disputes filed against this particular builder.

Check if the builder has claimed bankruptcy

Another aspect you must check before entrusting your home building, renovation or improvements to any professional builder is check if they have filed for any bankruptcy claim in the past because you might end up facing an unfinished house in the event your hired builder declared bankruptcy.

Determine the building maintenance coverage

One of the agreements you should enquire about when dealing with a building company is their terms on maintenance coverage. Based on normal building practices, a reputable builder will guarantee six months maintenance coverage for residential properties while 12 to 18 months on commercial units.

Ask to see their recently completed projects

Lastly, don't just rely on their promises that they will deliver excellent output for your home building project. Ask if you can see their finished projects, talk with their previous clients and get feedback on their work to gauge their building expertise and professionalism.
Doing a home building project, renovation or any improvements to your existing family home can be truly stressful, especially is you still didn't find the right building provider who would be willing to work within your budget while at the same time ensuring you get the best deal.
Be cautious with builders who are asking for advance payments before they even start the project. Talk to friends, relatives or neighbours who have availed the services of a professional building company and assess carefully the working history of your prospective builder.

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