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All you need to do is ask

The first thing you need to do is talk to your prospective landlord or property manager and ask if it is okay to have pets. Don't be dismayed if your question brought a negative response. Respect their decision for not allowing pets and move on to your next target property to rent.

Show willingness to pay extra fees

If you're still in the negotiation process with your potential landlord or property manager about moving with your pet, why not show your willingness to pay extra fees to cover your pet's accommodation. There is a big possibility you will get their approval as long as you have sincere intentions of complying with their pet rules and payments for any additional charges. If possible invite the landlord to meet your pet to show how your pet is well trained and cared for.

Provide a record of your pet's background

If you really want to convince your future landlord or property manager that there won't be any problem, provide them with a complete record or reference of your pet's background. The pet reference usually includes vital information about your pet's age, gender, moods and vaccinations. You can also request previous landlords, veterinary doctor or friend who had close contact with your pet to provide written referrals about his or her general behavior. Aside from that, you can give a copy of your pet's health record to ensure that your pet is healthy and a likeable tenant if given the chance.

Offer a trial period

If you already found the perfect place to rent, but having a hard time convincing the landlord or property manager to allow your pet, offer a trial period. If things don't work out, ensure them you will leave and end the lease agreement. Before you agree on this condition, be sure everything is put in writing for future reference of your rights as a tenant.

Find an appealing place for your pet

Whenever you conduct property visits, take into major consideration the needs of your pet like having a fully fenced yard. Keep in mind, no pet will be happy if he or she is always contained within the four walls of a flat or apartment unit with no backyard.

Be a responsible pet owner

Let your future landlord or property manager feel that you are indeed a responsible pet owner by complying diligently with their cleaning rules while renting their property and when you're lease has expired and you are ready to move out, make sure you perform a thorough cleaning of the property to remove any traces of pet smell and ensuring it is totally flea free for the next tenants.

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